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:iconxlskyelx:xlSkyelx posted a status
365 Things I Love About You
I wanted to do something nice for my girlfriend. I saw this really cool item online at, "365 Daily Reminders of My Love in a Jar"! It was the coolest thing ever!

Unfortunately the jar was kind of expensive....Ah the joys of being broke...

Then as I began to think about it a little more, even if I did have the money to buy it, it was actually a very impersonal gift to be giving to my precious ray of sunshine....

So bam! XD Me being the romantic nut I am made my own list! And whoo-wee did it take forever! :XD: I'm really really happy I was able to do it. But ya know what? It was really hard! :ohnoes: Writing something tangible about something so intangible. Love goes so far on the spiritual level ya know? Even still, the list wasn't impossible. In fact I'm sure that over time I could make a list to exceed the stars in the sky.

No stealing the list, but you can use as reference for creating a list of your very own if you want. Please let me know if you see any repeats. Even though I looked over the list at least a dozen times already now...

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